One thing that always comes to mind when thinking about Mexico is their amazing food and drink culture. In fact, their food is so popular that it has been listed as one of the most popular types of cuisines worldwide. There is hardly a country in the world that hasn’t experienced the wonders of Mexican cuisine. However, what few people are aware of is the fact that Mexico is also very prolific when it comes to the export of its agricultural products. Mexico has consistently strived to improve its export industry, and its efforts definitely show! Its fruits and vegetables are particularly popular, but they are hardly the only thing Mexico has to offer. So, here’s a list of Mexico’s top food exports for you to peruse!


Agricultural Exports


Fruits are one of the most popular Mexican export items by far. In fact, it is known for its high-quality fruit and accounts for around fifty percent of American fruit imports. Among all of its produce, the most popular is, by far, avocado. This single fruit goes a step further in its popularity, and Mexico can proudly claim that it supplies over eighty percent of it on the U.S. market. Somewhat lower in popularity are their berries. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, and strawberries of the Mexican producers all equal the quality of their avocado. However, due to the higher saturation of the market when it comes to berries, they do not do quite as well as the latter. Lemons and mangoes are also rising in popularity and export volume, and it looks like they are trying to compete with the avocado!

Avocado cut in half
Avocado is also very healthy for you, contributing to its popularity as one of Mexico’s top food exports!

Fresh Vegetables

Not quite as popular as fruits, but still firmly in second place, are Mexican vegetables. The representative item is definitely the different peppers, with chili and bell peppers being in the lead. Some of the other items are tomatoes, cucumbers, asparagus, and cauliflower. One of the reasons why Mexican vegetables are so popular is, of course, their quality. The second is their availability and proximity since shipping from Mexico to the U.S. can be easy and ensures that the vegetables stay fresh and tasty. It should also be noted that Mexico has been ramping up its production and export volumes. This ensures that its products will stay competitive and available on the market for a long time to come.



A bit less popular than the rest of its items are the different meats Mexico exports. The main export focuses of Mexico concerning meat are beef and pork. In fact, Mexico is the third-largest supplier of the U.S. for these articles, behind Australia and Canada. The limiting factor is the low production volumes, since the country ensures that they have enough produce for their consumers first. Of course, the advantage of Mexico is its proximity and ease of keeping the meats fresh. While this is not quite as apparent when compared to Canada, the difference is apparent regarding Australian produce. It should also be noted that demand for packaged food has increased, and Mexico, aware of this, is encouraging the increase of production and trying to place their goods on the international market. We are likely to see a lot more of their goods in the future!

eef cut into squares in a bowl

Even with the increased popularity of packaged food, the popularity of Mexican beef remains the same!


Other exports from Mexico


Represented primarily by alcohol, Mexico is also active in the beverage market. Its tequila is well known and loved among liquor enthusiasts, accounting for most of its profits. However, mezcal is a close second and is doing its best to compete with the current start of alcoholic export. Lagging behind the two is beer, since it is a bit less competitive. Still, the effects of alcohol production and its popularity have a positive impact on Mexico’s agriculture. Efforts to boost export encourage the production of what is needed to distill such excellent liquor, offering farmers another suitable profit venue. And, with Mexico’s tendency to increase production and export volumes, if your dream is to make it as a farmer, you might want to consider moving to Mexico! Reliable international movers can help you leave the States and start over in Mexico, ready to take part in its growing economy.

A bar with liquor bottles behind it

Mexican liquor will remain a staple of their export!



In addition to its main focus of export, Mexico also offers a variety of other goods to the international market. The primary examples of this are sugar and honey, whose popularity and competitiveness can be surprising. In fact, they do so well they can be classified among the top five most profitable Mexican exports. Another popular export ranking in the top five is various kinds of nuts. Due to the demand for healthy food alternatives, their popularity has only been growing. Finally, Mexico also offers various coarse grains, with the primary examples being wheat and corn. All of this simply shows the breadth of what Mexico can truly offer and its potential for further development. We can expect many new exports to become popular as it continues to conquer the international agricultural market.


Final Words

This marks the end of our list of Mexico’s top food exports! We hope that you have learned something useful and can use the knowledge to your advantage. Just remember: Mexico is not only a country famous for its cuisine. Its agricultural prowess is considerable, and the quality of its products is very high. If you need a steady supplier of such goods, you should consider getting them from Mexico. Similarly, if you are interested in starting an agricultural business, Mexico is an excellent location. The climate is amazing for various produce, and you can always choose to specialize in one of their top exports to take advantage of the available market. There is always an abundance of opportunities if you are ready to step out of your comfort zone and pursue them. So, be bold, and good luck in your business endeavors!