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Our wide knowledge of global logistics, supply chain operations, best shipping practices, and international transportation regulations, as our experienced team, are our main tools to highlight a cost reduction in the management of your supply chain.

Experience the ILS Shipping Advantage

  • ILS serves North America with Full Truckload, Less-than-truckload, and intermodal services.
  • Shipping coverage to difficult and common locations in Mexico, USA, and Canada.
  • Careful selection and evaluation of carriers based on your transportation needs.
  • Connect with an account manager for white-glove service and communication.

Shipping To & From Mexico

Shipping to/from Mexico is not as difficult as you would expect, but there is a process to follow, we will help you prepare for it:

  • 1 First, identify all the parties involved in your import/export transaction: Exporter of record, Importer of record, Mexican Custom Broker, American Custom Broker and Transportation Company
  • 2 Second, identify all the paperwork needed to complete the transaction: Commercial invoice with corresponding Harmonized Code (HTS), Packing List, Pedimento, inbond, entry/E-manifest.
  • 3 Here is a brief overview of the border crossing process:
    1. Once shipment arrives to the border, you must wait until the paperwork is ready to begin with the clearing process: Pedimento; provided by the Mexican Custom Broker, Entry/AES File; provided by the American Custom Broker and E-manifest (only on northbound shipments); provided by the transportation company.
    2. The clearing process: Once you have all the paperwork ready it’s time to begin the clearing process, get in line at MX and US Customs; if selected, your shipment can undergo inspection at either US or MX customs, before the final clearance the shipment can possibly undergo a DOT inspection (only northbound shipments).
  • 4 Once your shipment has gone through all the necessary inspections at both customs, your shipment is cleared and ready to go to its final destination.

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“One of our biggest initiatives for our company is to grow our automotive business in Mexico. Having a partner like ILS that knows the landscape and understands customs and compliance regulations in Mexico has been absolutely necessary to achieving our goal”

– Mike Novara – Chep