The USMCA is a long way away from becoming law, as Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell says there’s no chance U.S. lawmakers will be able to vote on ratifying USMCA this year

Learn more of why USMCA is the name of the trade agreement

“That will be a next-year issue because the process we have to go through doesn’t allow that to come up before the end of this year,” McConnell told

The final details of the agreement have yet to be worked out, and trade officials are hoping to have the specifics ironed out by the end of November, which would have made the timeline to ratify a deal in 2018 extremely tight to begin with.

The USMCA timeline in a nutshell

The updated pact, which is now called the USMCA, still needs to be approved by each nation’s legislatures. Mexico is on track for its new legislature to ratify the deal in December, and the Canadian government is planning to put the trade pact to a vote next year too.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says that a vote on Trump’s NAFTA replacement won’t come until 2019


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