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Utilizing an experienced Third-party logistics company provides businesses with a dependable logistics advantage. As an extension of your business, ILS are able to provide critical services that enable you to focus on your company’s core competencies.

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There are four critical obstacles that require 80% preparation and 20% execution in border crossing cargo. We will guide you through the successful import and export at the US - Mexico border

Obstacle 1: Customs Brokerage

With certainty, you can expect questions to arise when your freight reaches the Mexico border prior to entering or leaving the country.

You really need an expert to help you with customs brokerage documentation, clarifying case-by-case needs, and providing key visibility to trade processes to avoid costly delays.

Obstacle 2: Driver Availability

Transfer agents at the US-Mexico border offer a limited capacity due to great demand. Prior notice is expected to secure a transfer driver who is authorized to border cross freight.

Obstacle 3: Regulation

US and Mexico importation and exportation rules vary based on commodity. Customs brokerage and inspections, licenses and permits are amongst the variety of overlapping international trade layers, needed to clear the shipment.

Obstacle 4: Congestion at the Port

Border crossing cargo takes time. It also varies on the congestion of the port city. Cities like Laredo, Texas, El Paso, Texas and Otay Mesa, California, dominate border crossing of land cargo with thousands of border crossing shipments per day

Do you need help understanding what happens at the USA-Mexico border with your freight?

The ILS Company’ import and export services are designed to facilitate international door to door shipments. In the last year our import and export infrastructure declared over $3.6 billion USD in shipments entering and leaving Mexico.

USMCA was signed. How is your company winning the trade war?

If you think Mexico is a challenge, ILS is your answer! By taking advantage of ILS services, you save the time and resources that you would normally invest in developing such abilities and talent within your company