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Are you a manufacturer struggling with inventory management in Mexico? Facing challenges like import taxes, establishing a local entity, and logistical complexities? Look no further than Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), your one-stop solution for a smoother, hassle-free experience.

The current economic context and nearshoring have favored foreign investment (FDI) in Mexico, especially in manufacturing, assembly, and distribution processes. These facts have favored the growth of the Manufacturing, Maquiladora, and Export Services Industry (IMMEX) programs; in fact, imports from these companies represent 43% of total imports, which demonstrates the confidence of foreign companies in the Mexican market.

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Why Mexico?

In the first four months of 2023, the IMMEX program has a total of 12,750 production plants throughout the country, which translates into jobs and economic growth in the regions where they are located.

The IMMEX program aims to expand the Mexican economy by allowing foreign companies to enter a competitive environment. At the same time, it seeks to modernize Mexico’s infrastructure by importing new technologies and knowledge that will generate more jobs and cash flow.


This program allows you to make temporary imports of goods with productive processes and/or services to export goods or provide export services with multiple benefits:

Reduced inventory costs

Optimizing inventory levels reduces the need for excess inventory, which reduces the costs associated with storage and maintenance.

Improved supply chain management

Suppliers have better visibility into customer demand, allowing them to plan more efficiently and respond faster to changes in demand.

Reducing the possibility of low stock or overstocking

Maintaining optimal inventory levels reduces the risk of low stock , which is critical to maintaining customer satisfaction.

Increase production efficiency

Suppliers can better plan production with more accurate demand data, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced production delays.

Improved customer-supplier relationship

The VMI model fosters closer collaboration and a better partnership between customer and supplier, which can lead to a better understanding and satisfaction of customers’ needs.

Reduced lead times

By managing the ditributor's inventory directly, suppliers can ensure that the necessary products are available to customers.

Flexibility and adaptability

VMI systems allow companies to adapt more quickly to changes in the market or customer demand.

Reduced procurement costs

Efficiently managing inventory and orders can reduce the costs associated with acquiring new inventory, including transportation and order fulfillment costs.

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Possibility of making virtual pedimentos

In the context of the IMMEX program in Mexico, the differences between a virtual export and an export relate to how the products are handled and registered for international trade.

To perform virtual transfers under the IMMEX program in Mexico, there are some requirements that companies must meet. These requirements are designed to ensure that the transactions comply with the rules and objectives of the program.

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