Everything about shipping freight between the U.S. and Mexico

In the last decade, more than 82 million crossings have been made at Mexico’s northern border, being this mode of transportation the most dynamic of the entire sector.

According to INEGI data, in 2021 Mexican foreign trade was US $999.9 billion, of which freight transportation mobilized 55% (US $496,445 million).

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This guide features step-by-step instructions that will help you move seamlessly across the border. It also lists all the necessary documents and forms that you need to complete.

We currently don’t sponsor visas or hire for driver positions, or any other positions inside or outside the US & Mexico.

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Cross-border shipping it’s maybe the most used way to move merchandise among different countries.

Throughout more than 20 years of experience, we have gained all the information to help you make the process easier and your business successful.

This complete guide will give you the tools, processes and procedures you need to follow to cross-border freight between the US and Mexico:

  • Roadmap cross-border success
  • The 3 most important facts
  • What happens at the border?
  • Classify your goods, Carta Porte Supplement, duties, and taxes
  • Necessary paperwork
  • Border points
  • Key websites for shipping
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