The Aztec Calendar,
also known as
The Sun Stone,

shows the importance that
Aztecs gave
to time and accuracy

They used the calendar to find the best time to cultivate or harvest, the specific date to make offerings or sacrifices for the Gods, or the start and end of cycles. In addition to that, it also gave them visibility to do their commercial trips to deliver the products they had harvested and sold.

It served to
guide Aztec people in
many matters
of daily life

The monolith is arranged with a succession of concentric rings that have elements related to time, for example, it describes the length of the months and the number of days that year had.

In each ring are all the symbols that had some magical representation of our ancestors: the Rain, Sun, Water, Wind, and Earth, as well as the veneration that was held for nature, life, and death.

Also outwardly there are arranged stripes and points that denote the four directions and movements of the sun. In the center of the monolith is the face of Tonatiuh, well known by Aztecs as the fifth solar God. The Aztecs considered the God Sun as one of their main deities.

They believed they were the chosen ones by God Sun prosperity, for this reason, Aztecs had to ensure that the Sun accomplished its process of rising at dawn and hiding at sunset, offering human sacrifices through rituals.

We honor the time, our environment, and the needs of each of our customers

Thus we know that our ancestors attached great importance to time as an organizer of life and activities, at The ILS Company we keep these same principles and apply our knowledge in each of the shipments that we are entrusted with.