During the annual meeting of Ambassadors and Consuls of Mexico, the Undersecretary for North America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jesus Seade estimated that the ratification of the T-MEC in the United States Congress will take between six months and a year. Although he acknowledged that not everything will be “optimistic” and that the consulates will have to do a great job to approach and communicate with all the actors in the United States.

“What we have to do is work with the republican political party, in particular, the democrats to satisfy their concerns without opening the T-MEC,” said the undersecretary for North America of the SRE

US, Mexico and Canada sign the trade deal

Jesus Seade, who served as a representative of the then elected president AMLO in the renegotiation of the NAFTA, assured that there will be no change in the agreement, but will try to listen to the Democrats, respect their points of view and see how their concerns can be addressed.

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The Undersecretary for North America of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) explained that the consuls of Mexico in the United States will play a central role in this ratification of the T-MEC, together with the private sector, who will have contacts with the local authorities, region by region, to make known with hard data, the need to maintain our connection, common aspirations and shared histories

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