We are well aware our growth and success over these years is due to your trust in us.
Take a look at our timeline!
April 2001 Hello world!
ILS was incorporated

The ILS Company was founded in 2001 and is proudly an Offshore Group Company, the largest and most comprehensive provider of Mexico outsourcing solutions to firms that have made the strategic decision to enhance their competitiveness by establishing and maintaining low-cost, low-risk operations.



Feb 2003 Opened HMO and TUS Terminal
We have Warehouse at Hermosillo and Tucson!

Opened Hermosillo and Tucson Terminal. Tucson was established as a corporate office within The Offshore Group building

Aug 2006 Opened SLW and Mission Tx terminals
We have you covered in North Mexico and South US

Opened Saltillo, Coahuila and Mission, Texas terminals with clients established in the Zapaliname Industrial Park of The Offshore Group

Jan 2008 Obtained ISO Certification
Being ISO certified means that we will put customer satisfaction on the forefront of our processes

We make sure that our processes are standardized in all our terminals so no matter who your point of contact is, you can have peace of mind. Knowing that at ILS we value your satisfaction and continuous improvement, we will make every effort to learn from your feedback and be mature enough to work on preventing and correcting shortcomings.

March 2009 Processed first ocean shipment
Put your cargo into the hands of ILS to handle your ocean freight needs

Whether you are a manufacturer, importer, or exporter, we handle your freight door to door and update you along the way to give you peace of mind knowing that your freight is in good hands.

June 2012 Transportation Management made easy
Acquired new TMS (TMW)

TMS enables users to track and monitor the current status of orders and shipments in real-time and get status updates on each. This gives users an accurate forecast for inventory and improves visibility and accountability of the supply chain network.

August 2012 Obtained CTPAT Certification
ILS contributes with CBP to help secure our borders and ensure the continued free flow of international trade.

Our role as a C-TPAT partner is to continue to ensure that appropriate security measures, based upon risk analysis and consistent with C-TPAT security criteria, are maintained throughout your international supply chains.

May 2015 Hello Mexico Southwest and Bajio!
We have you covered at top cities in Mexico and the US

Began operations in offices of Guadalajara, Jalisco and Mexico City. Commercial representations also were established in Tijuana, Queretaro and, Monterrey

June 2015 More certifications to go!
Obtained Indirect Air Carrier Certification

The ILS Company believes that the highest standards of quality assurance is key to the way we work. Our priority is always to ensure that our clients receive a cost-effective service that meets and exceeds their contractual quality requirements.

May 2016 More certifications to go!
The ILS Company rebranded!

ILS needs a new marketing vision and plan in order to fulfill strategic plans (sales growth, brand awareness, distributions and commercialization, market penetration, operative process optimization) 

October 2017 Hello Queretaro!
Opened Queretaro Warehouse

With 25,000 sqft, VMI (with IMMEX), cross-docking, bonded warehousing, brokerage and import/ export services ILS Queretaro is located in the heart of Mexico´s automotive and aerospace clusters.

We have the necessary infrastructure in Warehouses to service all the Bajio Area


October 2018 What are the benefits of the IATA Certification?
Obtained IATA Certification

As an IATA agent, ILS is authorized to issue tickets (air waybills), both national and international, of more than 250 airlines operating worldwide.

March 2019 First HBL Transmitted by our personnel
First HBL Transmitted by our personnel

First House bill of lading transmitted by ILS as freight forwarder, exported 3 containers from Ensenada to Yokohama Japan

January 2020 We Are ILS!
Opened Tucson Warehouse II

We are growing with energy and alacrity to the challenges of Covid-19, with resilience-focused to Customer Service. Rebounding with Tucson economy!

In the years to come, we want you to continue being an important part of our success by exceeding your expectations.